-49- Turkey Time

Wednesday: Appointment day…

– 8:30 am: Personal Training

-10:30 am: Laser

-12:00 pm: Lunch with friends

-2:00 pm: Haircut, color, and blow-dry

-9:00 pm: Family Dinner

Thursday: You heard it here first, Wine Girl will be attending Church in the morning to ask God to forgive her for all her sins. Church will be followed by brunch and then finishing up at the house before we host our annual Thanksgiving dinner.

Friday: The day I’m most excited for. After a morning workout, me, my boyfriend, guy best friend, and girl best friend are all driving to the Florida Keys for a day filled with partying. When we come home around 5:00 we’re going to have dinner and then get ready for clubbing at the one and only, Mokai around 12:00.

Saturday: Boat Day! Nothing beats Miami boat days: blasting music, being on the water, drinking, and dancing.

Sunday: Time to ditch the Thanksgiving decor and start setting up for the best holiday of the year, Christmas. Sunday will consist of buying a Christmas tree, decorating my home, listening to Christmas music, and of course… yes you guessed it, lots of wine.

Cheers to a fabulous weekend!

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 5.39.05 PM.png


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