-50- End of an era

As this is the 50th blog post, I want to thank all of my readers for their continued support throughout the process. I know we all live busy lives, but taking time out of your daunting schedules to check out my blog weekly has touched me sincerely. Join me in celebrating all of the great […]

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-49- Turkey Time

Wednesday: Appointment day… – 8:30 am: Personal Training -10:30 am: Laser -12:00 pm: Lunch with friends -2:00 pm: Haircut, color, and blow-dry -9:00 pm: Family Dinner Thursday: You heard it here first, Wine Girl will be attending Church in the morning to ask God to forgive her for all her sins. Church will be followed […]

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-48- Fitness at Your Fingertips

Peloton, the newest way to exercise in the comfort of your home, meanwhile, experiencing the motivation of an in-person class. Peloton is a spinning bike that is purchased along with an annual subscription which guarantees the access to countless spinning classes thought by enthusiastic, energetic instructors. In my experience, if I do not go to […]

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-43- Fashion these days.

So the Euro MTV awards happened two days ago and I am absolutely repulsed by the fashion that was worn. This is a respectable award show and the lack of appropriate clothing is a complete disgrace to the music industry. Looks like Rita Ora ran out of time getting ready so she decided to come […]

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